Bard’s 456th Birthday Bash

Hello Shakespeare Enthusiasts,
Due to COVID-19, Recycled Shakespeare Company has had to adjust our traditional Bard’s Birthday Bash. In years past we would perform throughout downtown Waterville, Maine and have some participants call in from around the globe. This will not be an option this year, as most businesses in Waterville are closed due to the pandemic, including the Waterville Public Library and Selah Tea who have been generous hosts before.
Do not fret! We are still having the Bash. In the fall we will have a Very Merry Unbirthday for the Bard. In April, though, to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, we would like to post a video of as many people around the globe as possible reading sonnets from their own homes.
Here is how it will work:
If you are interested in participating, go to and fill out the form. I will assign you a sonnet (or maybe more than 1 depending on how many participants we have). You record yourself reading/performing the sonnet in whatever creative way you can imagine and email the video back to me. I will then combine all the videos into a fabulous movie which will be posted on Youtube and the Recycled Shakespeare Company website ( for all to see. You then share your amazing work with everyone you know.
Although we are keeping our physical distance, we are not keeping ourselves distant socially. We will still have fun in different ways.
Please let me know if you have questions.
Also, if you would like to perform a piece of Shakespeare’s work and/or songs, just record the video and send it along with your sonnets and I will try to put them all in!
Emily Rowden Fournier
Executive Director

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