Saint Anselm College’s Sonnet Reading Marathon

Due to COVID-19, Saint Anselm College has closed their campus for the remainder of the semester. As a result, this event is cancelled. We wish everyone health during this strange time. Please look forward to this event next year.

April 22-24, 2020

Manchester, NH

Trip Cost TBD (Last year’s cost was $80)

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Join RSC as we caravan to New Hampshire to read sonnets and perform at Saint Anselm College’s Sonnet Reading Marathon. We will leave from Fairfield, ME at 5pm on Wednesday, April 22, attend the sonnet reading on Thursday, and return Friday. Drop offs and pickups south of Fairfield can be arranged, locked cars can be left at the Rowden’s house.
An Elizabethan lunch is provided on Thursday and meals out will be out of pocket. A tour of the campus and surrounding area will be offered if time allows.
Cost will be determined based on attendance, normally around $70-$80, includes a hotel, carpooling, breakfast, lunch on Thursday, and lots of fun. Beds can be shared or you can get a single bed at a higher rate.
Children are invited with their parent(s). 12+ accepted without a parent but will need permission slips from their parent. Minors will not share a bed with an adult (unless it is a parent and child) and there will be at least 3 people in a room with a minor (either 2 adults and a minor, 2 minors and 1 adult,or 3+minors of the same gender). For everyone’s safety, the rule of 3 always applies when an adult and minor are in a room, another person will always be there.
Students will also be provided with a letter to their school/teachers informing of them of the absence. Students are expected to make up any missed work.
Please contact us if you plan on attending (serious commitments only as price is dependent on number of attendants), and if you have a sonnet you wish to request.
Emily Rowden Fournier will make arrangements and notify everyone of final cost.

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