7pm July 31- 9pm August 1, 2020

Performances start at 7pm on Saturday, August 1.


Participate in 24 hours of intensive, fun theater. Try your hand at different elements of producing: script writing, directing, acting. In 24 hours we will write, rehearse, and perform short original works.

If you would like to write a script, please bring a computer or pen and paper. No scripts should be written prior to July 31, although you can bring notes for your your scripts if you have ideas developed prior to the event.

No experience necessary. Try your hand at something new.

Please bring your own food: snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can share things if people desire. No bananas or nuts of any kind are allowed due to allergies.



July 31 7pm-7am August 1: Playwrights meet to write short original works

August 1 7am-8am: Directors read through scripts and choose one to direct

8am-7pm: Actors rehearse the plays

7pm: Performance

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